Smart city startup
Branding, Art Direction & Videography

Small scale DIY to make a big difference in your city

DIY Smart City was founded on the idea that people working together make cities smarter. What happens when we face large challenges like clean air and green energy? We break them down into easy steps. DIY Smart City seeks simple and affordable do-it-yourself solutions. From creating an air purifier for under $35 or an A.C. unit from a bucket of ice.

Final deliverables included logo, business cards, branding, website design, instructional video and TEDx video submission...all crafted in just 36 hours!

Tools Used

Ben Grimm is a UX/UI designer, photographer, and musician based in Columbus, Ohio. He loves traveling to the desert, making music in his mini-studio and collaborating with Little Tango, LLC to craft a clear online presence for businesses and organizations.